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Hi, everyone!

Thanks, for checking out my blog. I’m Gautam, a traveler and a professional blogger from a small but beautiful town, “Ranchi in India.

I’m a frequent traveler and I do my work (blogging in different categories) on the go. That’s why you can call me a “DIGITAL NOMAD”.

My life’s purpose is to inspire my readers and followers to see through my eyes how beautiful is this world. I want to take you to places, you wouldn’t have thought of before.

And, explore the world in my way, revel in different cultures, see historic places and the beauty of nature around us.
gautam on a trip to tajmahal

Why Do I Travel?

Cause I love traveling. I want to explore this beautiful world.

Throughout my traveling, I saw 90% of the people in the world are kind, happy and helpful. I want to show their life stories, struggles and their cheerful faces to this world.

I want you to push out of your comfort zone and start traveling. I want you to create an ecosystem that helps you to manage your expenses while traveling.

As I’m a blogger by work so I do my job from anywhere around the world with a laptop and an internet connection. That’s the beauty of being a digital nomad.

Why Do I Travel

Incident That Made Me a Traveler

During Covid, I got married to a loving and caring wife but in 2021 and 2022 I lost my father, mother and my wife.

Suddenly I was alone in my home, and fell into depression. One day, I was scrolling through some Youtube videos and stopped on a video of a 19 years Indian guy Shubham who was traveling alone from 16 years of age.

AND, I got the best medicine for my depression. TRAVEL…

Since then I traveled to several places in India and abroad.

The Purpose of This Blog

I started this blog to inspire people who are trapped in rat race and trying to get out of their boring lifestyle.

Through this blog, I want you to get out of your comfort zone and explore this beautiful world. Traveling is the best medicine for one who is seeking some REAL joy in life.

Being a Digital Nomad is the key to this real joy. In this blog, I will tell my travel stories to you, and help you to travel on a budget while working nomad.

purpose of gautam on a trip blog

What Kind Of Traveler I Am?

I am a frequent budget traveler but not a full-time traveler. Because I love my home town more than any other place. So, I always try to stay outstation max to max for a month or two.

I plan to visit multiple places in one trip, whether it’s an in-country trip or an outbound trip.

On any trip, there are three main expenses, travel fare, stay, and food.

I use to stay in budget hotels or hostels and also use Couchsurfing which saves me a lot of money and allows me to stay and spend time with local people.

However, I always keep in mind, the stay should have a fast internet connection and 24 hours of electricity to charge my laptop, cameras, mobiles and other equipment.

I also save money by booking economy seats on budget airliners. When I travel in India, I use to book sleeper class ticket which is way cheaper than AC class.

I also carry my tent when traveling to remote areas where the stay is not guaranteed or costly. Having a tent with you saves a lot of money in costly places and keep your traveling budget in your hand.

I am with a foreigner

How Do I Manage My Work While Traveling

When you work over a laptop, it’s easy to manage your work while traveling. The best thing is, you don’t need to be present physically in an office for the job.

You can choose the time and place to work.

That’s what I exactly do.

I do blogging in multiple niches. I have 3 full-time blogs where I post blog articles on a regular basis.

Mostly, I update my blogs in the early morning and after lunch. One blog post a week is sufficient for the niches in which I work. So, I also get time to update my old blog posts.

I’m also a travel influencer which gives me some more workload such as editing and publishing videos for my Youtube channel, and updating my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts which I do at night.

I manage to do all my work in the hotel room, common room of hostels, restaurants, and even my Couchsurfing friend’s home.

I’m also flexible with my work time if I’m busy at my preferred work time. It all depends on me how and when I work during traveling.

When you do work that doesn’t need your eight hours but only 2-3 hours, you are free to go and start traveling that’s what I do.

2-3 hours of work in a day is sufficient for me to update all my blogs and social accounts.

So, My blog, in short

  • To tell you my travel stories
  • Inspire you to travel
  • Help you to exit from the rat race and become a digital nomad
  • Travel on budget
  • Manage your work while traveling

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